Begun as a research unit within the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Architecture Urbanism Design Collaborative [AUDC] occupies an indefinite terrain between design practice and research organization.





Los Angeles, California

New York, New York


AUDC is celebrating twenty years of this web site with a glimpse of what it looked like in 2002.

Underscoring our work is a belief in architecture as a basis for bringing people together. We define our practice by adhering to a system of core values that instill all our work with integrity and meaning.

Designing communities – even if dispersed - based on caring, sharing, and belonging.

To set an example for people to rise to.

To instill, by demonstration, a way of acting, to demonstrate integrity.

To create a background that allows individuals to define identities amidst the infinite possibilities of contemporary life.

audc projects

superbrutalism: an architecture for muzak

cardboard orthogonal blob

In 1948, Pierre Schaeffer, a broadcast engineer for Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française took the noises of trains and banging saucepans and, after hours of editing the tapes with a razor blade, constructed two pieces of music: Étude aux Chemins de Fer and Études aux Cassaroles. After these sound collages were broadcast on the radio, Schaeffer would term them musique concrete. AUDC aims for nothing less than the architectural equivalent.